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If you are looking for thorough security clearances, background checks and detailed assessment of personnel, then look no further than Mind Your Business.

Our services are remarkably quick, precise and we always prioritise your business goals and objectives.

With a wide scope of services, you can avail our expert security vetting for government and private firms, as well as individual businesses.

What We Offer

Even after getting the clearance, it should be noted that the personnel involved are getting entrusted with vital information of paramount importance. As such, conducting background checks and detailed assessment of the employees is crucial.

To ensure seamless and hassle-free clearances and business, we offer:

  • checkAustralian Government Security Clearances

  • Detailed Background Checks

  • Criminal History Checks

  • Pre-Employment Screening

Australian Government Security Clearances

At Mind Your Business, we conduct government security clearances for all levels under the guidelines of the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA).

We specialise in offering all levels of security clearance including baseline security clearance, negative vetting 1, negative vetting 2 and positive vetting in the most professional and efficient way.

Detailed Background Checks

In order to ensure this level of trust, a thorough background check on each individual, thereby preventing any misuse of classified information and resources.

Criminal History Checks

Also known as a police records check, a detailed criminal history of the individual is derived to check if the personnel involved have any pending charges or offense records.

Pre-Employment Screening

We conduct a thorough screening of the candidates who are eligible to join your business. Failing to do so often results in heavy financial losses, unnecessary hassles, low productivity and a bad reputation. Through proficient pre-employment screening, you can rest assured that you have the most trustworthy and efficient individuals working with you.

Make Business Happen With Mind Your Business! 100% Efficient Security Vetting Services!

Mind Your Business makes timely security clearances happen without any hassles!

Our Undeniable Security Vetting Features

We possess a wholesome package of security vetting services that are aimed to propagate your business growth with much-needed reinforcement by security clearances, background checks and individual assessment.

  • Our services span both government and private sectors, companies and even individual businesses

  • Quick, accurate and efficient access to important classified information

  • Minimisation of risk factor associated with entrusting classified information to individuals involved

  • Customised services as per your needs

  • Detailed background checks and pre-employment assessment to ensure seamless business proceedings

  • All security vetting services conform with the norms set by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA)

Why Choose Us

  • Customised security vetting services for your business, as per your needs

  • We put utmost focus on your business growth and goals

  • Highly qualified team with a Certified IV in Government Security Vetting

  • 100% assistance for your DCAC needs

  • Completely bound by all necessary privacy acts such as Privacy Act 1998, Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914 and Freedom of Information Act 1982

Mind Your Business For Efficient Security Vetting Services