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Mind Your Business Understanding Your Security Vetting & Security Clearance Needs

For any company or business owner in Australia associated with the government, it is often required to gain access to important classified information and resources. This applies to those directly appointed by the Australian Public Services (APS) and companies are appointed by the APS on contract.

With security vetting, it is ensured that the company in question gains the necessary security clearance to be entrusted with that information. In addition, it protects against the misuse of the classified information.

We take care of all your security clearance needs with utmost efficiency

At Mind Your Business, we efficiently work to address any security vetting woes and the thorough assessment usually associated with security clearance is easily dealt with. Need for access to classified information as part of work can arise at any time and we ensure that this is achieved without any delay and hassles.

Mind Your Business Security Vetting Services For:

  • Access to important classified information from the government

  • Systematic submission of relevant documents to the authorities

  • Timely availability of necessary clearance without hampering your business' productivity

  • Provision for obtaining all levels of security clearance

  • Building trust and value for your brand

  • Specialist services

  • We integrate with your business needs

  • Transparent and efficient solutions

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At Mind Your Business, we ensure

  • The norms set by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) are always followed

  • Thorough assessment and subsequent submission of the documents necessary for obtaining security clearance

  • Covers all levels of security vetting efficiently

  • No hassles in the defence security clearance proceedings required for the armed forces

  • Best and timely security vetting packages

  • Tremendous focus on preserving the trust and reputation of your company

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Why Mind Your Business for Security Vetting?

Dedicated to providing highly reliable and efficient security vetting and security clearance assistance with absolutely no hassles.

Mind Your Business makes security clearance proceedings a simple affair!

We understand that proper security vetting and associated security clearance is absolutely necessary not only as a work routine, but to also establish your company as honest and trustworthy.

Providing Quality Security Vetting Assistance For Your Seamless Access To Necessary Classified Information

Mind Your Business provides thorough and reliable assistance to any of the levels of security vetting, which are based on the amount of secrecy involved. Our security vetting services cover the following:

Deems the candidate for access to protected resources


Holders of this security clearance can be temporarily granted access to top secret resources under certain circumstances as highlighted by the APS



For most cases a holder of this security clearance is deemed suitable for access to top secret information and resources

A holder of this security clearance may be granted access to top secret classified resources and some caveated information